Our Story

Martin Luther Homes is more than just an aged care centre and a retirement village that is safely nestled at the foothills of the Dandenongs. Over 50 years ago, we were founded by the community for the community, and we have been following our not-for-profit principles ever since.

In 2019, we celebrated our 50th anniversary as an organisation with a big open air festival that everyone was invited to. Hundreds of visitors celebrated alongside our residents, staff, friends, families, and neighbours.

It was back in 1969 when our founding fathers and mothers put the spate in the ground to build a sanctuary for older people who wanted to share their twilight years with like-minded seniors and who wanted to rest assured that there was always someone to look after them in time of need.

From a community initiative to a successful organisation

Most of our acreage in Boronia was purchased in 1967 for the now unbelievable price of $17.500. The Martin Luther Homes Association was founded and a building committee established. Building works started in 1969 for a retirement village that was designed to become a new home for the older members of the German Lutheran Church parish in Melbourne. However the idea for this project, that was financed to a large part through donations and sweat capital, goes back as far as the 1950s. Interestingly, it were the members of the then Youth Group of the community who pushed forward with the idea of creating a place for their parents and grandparents to retire. This forward-thinking spirit has paid off for many of the former youth group members as quite a few of them are now enjoying the fruits of their labour as retirees in the village that they once helped to build.

Then, as now, Martin Luther Homes’ values are
based on team work and a unique community spirit. Countless people made contributions towards our organisation over the decades. Many of our now residents once spent their weekends and free time on our grounds, building up an organisation that many people still benefit from, even 50 years later.

Walter Rössler is considered as one of the
driving forces behind the project “German retirement home”, going as far back as the 1950s when the idea first surfaced in the German Lutheran Community of Victoria. Yet the name ‘Martin Luther Homes’ was given to the project that soon turned into a functioning and successful organisation by Pastor Seyler. A committee was then founded to oversee the land purchase and the building works.


The members of the first committee were: Pastor Seyler, Mr Hauer, Mr Rossler, Mr Moegerlein, Mr Nicolaisen and Mr Kapust.




The tranquil surroundings and the magnificent views of the Dandenongs were, then as now, what drew people to our location in Melbourne’s outer east. 

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Opening of the Aged Care Facility

1996 marked another big step in our history when the ‘nursing home’, as it was then called, was officially opened by dignitaries.

Success as a 21st Century Aged Care Provider

Under the guidance of CEO Birgit Goetz, Martin Luther Homes won the prestigious industry award ‘Aged Care Provider of the Year (VIC)’ in 2018.